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For commercial and residential sewer and drain cleaning. Hydro jet service removes serious clogs that cannot be removed using a plumbers snake.
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What Exactly is Hydro Jetting? Do I really need it?


If you experience a problem with water backing up into the shower or sink, it could be related to the main sewer line that’s clogged. Hydro jetting is a system for drain cleaning that is used by professional plumbing companies to clean out clogged drains, sewer lines or other plumbing lines. It is typically used for more serious or stubborn clogs that cannot be removed using a plumbers snake. For commercial businesses like restaurants, it can be used as a preventative treatment for kitchens.


A very high-pressure blast or flow of water is used which shoots out of a specialized nozzle attached to a hose line. The hose is connected to a water tank that can store enough water to get the job done. The high-pressure water can remove the following.

  • Soft blockage material
  • Hardened Sludge
  • Tree roots, leaves and dirt
  • Soap, hair, grime, and paper
  • Grease for commercial locations like restaurants.

Hydro jetting systems normally use water pressure at about 4000 psi. This works effectively to clear the drain or sewer line. The nozzle sprays in two different directions to clear the path and the hose line is fed into the pipe or sewer line. The images below show an example of the nozzles and hose being run through the pipe or sewer.

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The hydro jet procedure is safe for the environment and an effective way to clear out many types of blockages in a home or business sewer line. No chemicals are used in the process, only high pressure water. The hydro jet process takes a relatively short period of time compared to other methods of blockage removal like a plumbers snake and it can ensure that a sewer line is back up and running very quickly.

The video below compares Hydro Jetting vs Snaking.


The plumber will need access to the cleanout area of the plumbing system. This allows a plumbing specialist to gain access to the pipes. Then the plumber inserts a hose that is connected to a large tank of water. The end of the hose has a special nozzle that can spray in different directions to clean out the pipe or drain. The hose is strong enough to withstand the high pressure water that’s injected into the sewer line or pipes. A very specialized machine pressurizes water from the tank.


No professional plumbing company that offers hydro jetting should ever try it without the proper video inspection beforehand. Before you use a Hydro jet machine, a video camera inspection must be completed to locate the blockage and determine what type of blockage it is. The video inspection device can show any potential problems with the pipe or sewer to that could turn into a bigger more expensive repair. The inspection will ensure that the pipe is structurally intact.

Putting a jet of water at 4000 – 5000 psi through a cracked pipe or pipe that is about to collapse is a bad idea, and there is a chance that it could cause significant damage to a cracked pipe if the proper inspection is not performed.

High-pressure water jet cleaning (hydro jetting) is a very efficient cleaning method. However, because of the very high pressures involved, it is also potentially dangerous if used incorrectly. It is, therefore, necessary that personnel required to operate high-pressure water jet cleaning equipment are trained and competent in the correct use of the equipment, before using the equipment.

Here is more information on Hydro Jetting Safety